Xkcd dating librarian examples of headlines for dating sites

He had no idea who Abraham Lincoln is, didn’t know about the existence of software that reads things to visually impaired, or that electric cars exist or that it is illegal to drive without a license.He was surprised to find out Starbucks served more than one beverage.Even the VP of finance has a “computer science” bachelors degree.My newly appointed “supervisor” has a bachelor’s in motion science ( he wanted to be a physical trainer but that didn’t pan out, so he too started as a call center rep and worked his way up). Are the quotation marks meant to imply you think their degrees are somehow crap?

He has been asked not to do this because sometimes people are printing more than one document, or they are printing things in a certain order, or they need to drop off whatever they printed at someone else’s desk.My manager agrees and has authorized me to fire him. As a manager I have fired people before, but it was always for things like misconduct, extreme absenteeism, etc.As I said, he is not a jerk and he hasn’t done anything which rises to the level of misconduct.He was thanked for trying to be helpful but asked not to do this several times, but he still does it.Another time he was asked to double check a newly typed copy of our updated price list against the handwritten copy.

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