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But the stamina it takes is consistent with what we know about Rockwell.This 34- year-old actor has waited quietly for success.Barris's grimly funny 1984 book is written in the hardboiled patter of dime-store noir, and Rockwell is absolutely faithful to the gag; he has, at last, mastered the role of straight man. Clooney always wanted him to play Barris – the two had worked together a while back on the heist comedy Welcome to Collinwood, which is only now getting a UK release on the coat-tails of Confessions.This time, for the first time, he sends the audience home asking questions, rather than just panting for breath."It was a strange job to get," he muses. But, as with Box of Moonlight, other names were considered more bankable.When Rockwell tells me this, I nearly leap out of my seat. Back when Box of Moonlight was being rejected by the Cannes selection committee, Weinstein had gone on record as saying about Rockwell: "He's a movie star". "You just have to tell yourself it doesn't matter." Nevertheless, I feel irritated on his behalf that the paperback reissue of Barris's book neglects to mention him. He's just finished shooting his biggest picture yet – Matchstick Men, a comic thriller directed by Ridley Scott in which he plays sidekick to con-artist Nicolas Cage. It was the easiest job I've ever done." He breathes a sigh of relief so richly felt that it might have been building inside him for the past eight years.'Confessions of a Dangerous Mind' is released 14 March.But Harvey loves you, I splutter in a most unprofessional manner. Brad Pitt's name is there, though his entire contribution to the film amounts to a 3-second cameo. Scott cast him after seeing six minutes of rough footage from Confessions."My character doesn't do a lot.

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Hyperactive at the best of times, Martha (Anna Kendrick; Pitch Perfect) has gone full-on manic since her latest breakup.There were early bit parts (a thug in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, a hanger-on in Last Exit to Brooklyn) but it was a full eight years ago that he got his big break in Tom Di Cillo's Box of Moonlight, where he played a nature child in Davy Crockett furs who liberates a working stiff.No, I wouldn't rent the video either if I knew the plot in advance, but listen – Rockwell can take a Robin Williams "inner child" role and make it impudent, unapologetic, even borderline-unwholesome."If I got a job playing a cop or something, I'd ask Tom if I could cut it and he'd say: 'Yeah, but not too short. He and Vaughn met at a charades party at the latter's house, and have been tight ever since.We might get the money soon.' Things went on like that for a long time."Three years, in fact. "Actually, it was running charades," he says quickly, correcting himself. It's a little more active than regular charades."Rockwell's reward for his patience is Confessions of a Dangerous Mind – his first lead in a mainstream-ish picture.

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