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You can also use this fun Bill-based thttpd badge on your own web site if you like. And an announcements-only mailing list: [email protected] ([email protected] to subscribe).Anything sent to the announcements list also goes to the regular list, so you don't need to be on both.JVC KENWOOD Corporation shall own all copyrights and other intellectual properties for the software and all manuals and documents attached to the software.The user shall be allowed to use, not to resell, the software by obtaining a license from JVC KENWOOD Corporation.Also if you have any nice quotes I can use, send 'em in.For instance: "I got thttpd compiled and running on the web server at work in no time at all, or close enough for my purposes, and I really like it, and when I told the rest of the crew what the footprint was they almost coughed up their lunches." "i just grabbed thttpd and set it up on my personal box to test it out, and i am amazed at how quick and easy that was.

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We no longer recommend Access Services for new apps. We will stop creation of new Access-based apps in Share Point Online starting June 2017 and shut down any remaining apps by April 2018.The HF/50MHz All-mode transceiver TS-590S firmware has been updated from Version 2.02 to Version 2.03 as follows.We are offering the firmware updating program to the TS-590S owners.While the media in which the software is stored is possessed by the user, the ownership for the software itself shall be reserved for JVC KENWOOD Corporation. Ask Bloom County's Bill the Cat, as seen in User Friendly, the excellent geek-positive comic. There's a mailing list: [email protected] ([email protected] to subscribe, archived here).

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