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Tobacco Vanille lasts forever (12 hrs) and projects like crazy.This is one of those fragrances that could easily become overwhelming and cloying if applied too heavily.It’s really very good at depicting the mood and fragrance profile of the real life products, but it’s just not something I’d ever wear.It’s hard to wear fragrances like this in Miami, we rarely see temps below 80 on average and that makes it difficult to wear fragrances as warm as this.Great for a snowy day, reminds me of the song "let it snow". I tried Fahrenheit 32 by Christian Dior and I liked the vanilla in it.I had The One D&G and loved the tobacco in it, so I thought if the main notes in TFTV are those two then it must be amazing. I don't know man but I'm trying so hard to love this perfume but I can't pull myself to it. Its like a lazy person who is watching the same TV program all day long.This smells exactly like a really warm and rich vanilla pipe tobacco.Having smoked pipes and having sampled an array of pipe tobacco’s this definitely smells like a high quality vanilla pipe tobacco.

There is not so much tobacco as to make this overwhelmingly harsh and smoky, but there is certainly enough for its dark, herbal beauty to smolder through the warm vanilla.

I always find fragrance on wrists does not last long compared to someone's neck. Finally got around to trying this based on the amount of rave reviews and support I’ve seen around here.

However, I can honestly say this is NOT a fragrance for me.

In my opinion, this sits pretty squarely in the middle zone between masculine and feminine. There is a peppery, honeyed sweetness that plays well against the earthiness of the tobacco.

The sweetness is nicely balanced out with the smoky and leathery undertones. In the drydown things become more woody and spicy, but the sweetness and warmth of the vanilla remain at the core of this fragrance all the way through.

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