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Isolation usually lasted for four days if the woman was a commoner, while those belonging to the principal class had to go through this process for as long as a month and twenty days!

The ” The mantles covering her, on the other hand, shielded her from wind blows, which they believed could lead to insanity.

Pioneer missionary Martin de Rada reported one case in Butuan wherein the slave was bound to a cross before being tortured by bamboo spikes, hit with a spear, and finally thrown into the river.

Father Placensia, who was among those who witnessed the ritual, discovered later on that the natives did this quickly disappeared, there are few possible reasons. Also Read: Some of these deformed skulls were recovered from various burial grounds in the Visayan region.Two of them are actually on display today at the Aga Khan Museum in Marawi.All of these while her friends and relatives feasted and celebrated. Barangay: Sixteenth-century Philippine Culture and Society. Also Read: or carried by a male helper on his shoulder.

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