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You adjust your settings to your sexual preference and to pull up other users within a certain radius and age range.And voilà, other active users falling within those parameters appear.When I returned to Buenos Aires in August of last year with the app loaded in my phone, I earned the unique distinction of being one of maybe 20 people in a 22-mile radius on the app, a “pioneer,” as a friend’s Tinder match months later would later call me, this side of the equator.

Those photos, along with age and shared Facebook interest and friends, is all we have to go off to decide if we might be into someone. Put up one of you playing the jazz saxophone if that’s what you’re into, or fly fishing, surfing or skiing. Lastly, I know Spanish is inherently a poetic language, but less really is more when it comes to writing the tagline.

There’s also the fact that, as I once heard someone describe it, Buenos Aires is really just a big small town.

You will come across exes and you will come across friends. You’ll likely cross some of them on Tinder, whether you don’t recognize them or not (Hi, Delpo! This should go without saying, but of course, human nature dictates that many ‘spoken for’ men and women are on the app.

Welcome to the first installment, written by someone who unintentionally became one of the earliest Tinder users in the country.

For the uninitiated, Tinder is an app wherein you create a bite-sized profile pulled from your Facebook profile—nothing is published on your feed, hallelujah—that includes a maximum of six pictures, a tagline and your age.

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