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It’s actually less about race and more about being a woman …

I think hip-hop doesn’t give women as much of a chance as it gives guys.

She began dancing at age four and performed at Knotts’ Berry Farm, Six Flags Magic Mountain, and Carnival Cruise Lines as a child.

“It’s hard being a woman in the hip-hop game,” she iterates, “but I’m lucky to have good people around me who have had my back.” In the dramatic Season 4 preview trailer, which is downright cinematic, we get to meet Chanel for the first time as she is introduced to Safaree as a potential artist for him to sign.

And Shay has a strong Instagram following, where she often posts her modeling work.

Shay told Ask that the best compliment she’s ever received was “that my personality was as beautiful as my surface—if not more beautiful.

My first European performance but definitely not my last!

Had no idea I had so many fans here and it's amazing to get to meet all of you around the world! 🌍🙏🏼😘❤️ A post shared by chanelwestcoast (@chanelwestcoast) on , which she is quick to admit is the best job in the world, with Too Fab. Wiz Khalifa has the goofiest laugh ever, but you know them for being artists. Me, on the other hand, you know me for my goofy laugh first, so then going and hearing my music as art…

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