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Video may be your favorite way to teach or to learn but I would be willing to bet money right now that it’s not ALL of your member’s favorite way to learn.

Experiment with adding written articles to your membership.

I like to offer bonuses to my members once they’ve been a member for sixty days (the refund period), once they’ve been members for six months and once they’ve been members for a year.

The bonuses must be worth sticking around for though.

In almost every other case, you should avoid falling in to the trap of making all of your content drip-fed. While I believe that drip-fed membership sites are a bad move, I believe that milestone-based incentives are an excellent move.

If you give your members some sort of bonus to stick around and keep coming back, you will see your retention go through the roof.

Not too long ago, someone told me that “access was the new thud”.

It seems to be a very common mistake that we, as content creators, teach over the heads of our members.

Being active in your forum, personally responding to emails from members, and offering webinars or conference calls can go a long way in making your members feel like they have personal access to you, the expert.

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when they are creating membership sites is that they create content based around what they want to talk about as opposed to creating content based around what your members want to learn.

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Membership sites are arguably one of the best and most consistent forms of online income. However, so many people are pulling their hair out, trying to figure out why no one wants to be a member and why the people that are members don’t hang around very long.

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