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We encourage your questions and input, and look forward to hearing from you. Legal support services are provided by the Division of Law under the Attorney General.The paramount responsibility of the BME is the protection of the public's health, safety, and welfare. Over the past 30 years, the role of the Board has been expanded to involve greater licensing responsibility for numerous and varied allied health care providers, and in some instances professions once subject to Board jurisdiction have been removed from the ambit of Board responsibility. Funding for Board activities comes from license fees, fines and penalties.Kaycie and Francis appear to still be together, and I am pretty sure that is an engagement ring on her finger in this family photo from July: Next on the list is Devin Mc Faull.Though perhaps a step lower than the two moms above as far as confidence level, we’re still pretty sure Devin will be featured on .Since the late 1800's, a license has been required to practice medicine in New Jersey. In recent years legislative emphasis has pointed to the recognition that only through more and better information will the public be appropriately safeguarded. The Call Center handles approximately 65,000 callers each year, sharing their information and knowledge with consumers and licensees alike.The Board, pursuant to the Medical Practice Act of 1894, was authorized to regulate the practice of medicine and surgery, including regulation of chiropractic. A number of issues affecting public protection and discipline have appeared in legislative pronouncements. Permit and License application reviewers prepare and review credentials for nearly 2500 applicants each year, issuing close to 1700 plenary licenses and 800 training permits.Here they are on Facebook commenting on a photo of Sunshine’s son Deklan: Angelica is also grouped with the others as far as following the new social media accounts that have sprung up over the last week.

The material presented provides an overview of the New Jersey Board of Medical Examiners (BME), highlighting significant issues, laws and regulations. They enable the public's expectations of quality medical care in New Jersey.

I can’t really get much of a read on the couple’s relationship based on public social media posts, although there certainly doesn’t appear to be any animosity between the two.

One amazing thing I did find out, though, is Rugga is lucky to be alive after being shot in the neck last August! I see Angelica Garcia interacting with the other moms in a few places on social media.

She interacts on social media with the other ladies, and she CERTAINLY looks like the mom on the right in the main photo from the promo video!

Here are side-by-side photos in which you can also see they have the same glasses: That’s Devin’s significant other Rugga (pronounced Roo-guh) Dump and their daughter Karina Jade Lopez, who was born on June 2.

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