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I'd like to see Osian get dicked by Chad Hunt from the Michel Lucas camp.

In another scene, I'd like to see Ian from the Black series fuck Osian as well.

Omg;; Osian i Love You So Much;;i Love How You Work i Just Think You're The Best;; But Anyways It Would Be Tight As Shit If You Did A Scene Wit Somebody;; Nd Was Just Ridin The Shit Of You Partner;; Oh Mann I'd Love That From;;13 And Lovin It my fantasy about osian is to have him in bed with me so i can lick his ass and suck his balls and even let him fuck me with that big thou he likes to bottom i want him to top with me. I have been a fan of yours for years and you just keep getting better and better. ITS TIME FOR HIM TO COME AND COLLECT FOR MY INSURANCE. HE ENTERS AND HE TELLS ME THAT THE INSURANCE COMPANY STARTED SOMETHING NEW, THAT HE HAS TO CHECK US OUT FROM HEAD TO TOE. HE PULLS DA TOWEL OFF ME, AND I TELL HIM TO START WITH THE HEAD BETWEEN MY LEGS, MY 10 INCH DICK IS AT ATTENTION, HE FALLS TO HIS KNEES AND BEGINS TO WORK WONDERS ON IT. And my ultimate fantasy is for you to come to Shreveport and let me and my lover fuck you till you pass the fuck out!!! I would love to see you get powerfucked by Castro, Stash, Jovonnie & Slimthug. LOL I do agree you are the power bottom, but thats because you haven't been in a scene with me!! By the time we end our freaky session of transsexual lovemaking, we have both cum about four or five times. You would have the best time of your life no bs Que tal papa. I would love to see you get fucked raw by Castro, Lex, & Slim Thug.

i just like the way this man looks and i know i will love the way feels inside of my boyhole. I found out that you were on papithugz and had to check it out. I MAKE HIM GAG ON THIS DICK, I PULL HIM UP, AND QUICKLY UNDRESS HIM. Two big dick niggas ready to fuck that tight bubble ass you got!!!! LOL I would like to another bottom contest like you did with Power T. We have put our dicks in each other, we have lovingly sucked each others juicy dicks, and came on each other's faces. As you probably already know we are all fans of your work. I enjoy watching every single moment of every video I have seen you in. Each one of them will take turns pounding that hot ass & bust without pulling their dicks out of that sexy ass. Also, I would love to see you go to Dominican Republic or just have 4 or 5 Dominicans who are sexy & well built fuck that ass raw too & bust loads into that ass & mouth of yours.

) safe sex is kool too, maybe even mix it up a bit).

Climax ending should be wit everybody busting dat nutt on dat phat beautiful booty! First off i wana see my boy O give a nigga a full out lapdance and show us what he can really do wit dat sexy body and sexy ass.

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Not nessarily BB (even though i've seen that video of u as well (hott! I want to be driving around the city an cum up on him standing at the bus stop an pick him up an he be like "how can i repay u an i be lik you can suck mi 10" dick!! HI YOU DOING OSIAN, I LIKE THE WAY YOU CAN TAKE DICK, AND I GOT DICK, A BIG LONG FAT THICK DICK AND I WANT TO PUT IT DEEP DEEP DOWN IN YO GUTTS MAN , MY FANTASY IS TO KISS YO SEXY LIPS THEN LET YOU GO DOWN AND TRY TO DEEP THROAT MY BIG DICK WHILE YOU DOGGY AND IAM LUBBING YO ASS UP SO YOU CAN RIDE ME, AND THEN I WANT TO PUT U ON THE CORNER OF THE BED WERE YO SEXY ASS WILL JUST BE HANGING OFF SO I CAN SLIDE MY LONG THICK DICK IN AND OUT OF YOU, WHILE I STROKE YOU AND KISS YOU, AND I , MAN THEN I WANT YOU TO LAY ON YO BACK AND HOLD YO NUTTS UNTILL YOU BUST A FAT NUTT EVERY WERE, WHILE I DEEP SROKE THAT ASS FAST AND SLOW FOR ABOUT 45MINS BANG IT UP FOR A LIL WHILE AND THEN I WANT TO STAND OVER YOU WHILE YOU SUCK MY FAT NUTTS SO I CAN BUST ALL THIS THICK NUTT ALL OVER YO FACE MAN, I WANT CUM UNTILE YOU ASK FOR IT , I WANT TO MAKE YO ASS HOLE CUM........ first,i'd shave him,i'd tie him down to my table,belts on abs,neck,leather cuff wrists/ankles to table,wet him,get out my two tens units,violet wand.first a rod just inside asshole get's him rock hard,then using round grip special pliers,i'd lay shocks on his wet roped balls,i'd douse him wet,put rings along cock,rod inside,all shocking as cum flies over and over as he helplessly yells and sweats,red balls blow cum,rod sizzles as juice and cum wet the shock prod,hours i'd work i'd ankle cuff him "mandingo" style,life him up a foot off the floor and lay a big paddle with holes on his ass,spread legs jerk as i do the thing his ancestors got in the south,a "cobbins" holed paddle!If you can only get one of the two tops mentioned above, that'll be just fine (for now). Thanks, Zeke I would love to see O get double dicked by one hot latino and one hot black dude.In scene two, I would also luv to see Osian top a top 1st before getting flipped and fucked like crazy.

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