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“Girl I can’t I’m busy on Saturday my cousins getting married,” she says in the blonde wig.

“No I can’t I’m busy this month my cousins getting married,” she says while wigless.

The college student at our table recommends the ribs—she’s been here before, on “dates” with her “daddies.” “There are a lot of tech guys,” she says. I reject it when people say I’m oppressed by the patriarchy.

For Singh, bad days do not happen - or if they do they must be gleefully disguised.

Since launching her “Superwoman” channel back in 2010, the Canadian-Indian You Tuber has got herself 10 million subscribers and over 1.5 billion views.

In fact, Singh has even looked at her ethnicity from a business perspective.

“And from a business point of view, when I discovered You Tube, I saw that there were no South Asian females doing it, so I thought it was a great opportunity in a business sense to create a niche market,” she told But being a You Tuber is not all-singing, all-dancing fun, there is a more difficult side to it.

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