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In Us Weekly’s exclusive sneak peek of the Friday, December 23, finale, Kailyn must decide whether or not she can really let her ex back in.“I think there’s a lot of built […] Cardi B has had an impressive 2017, and she ended it with a hilarious visit to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.Twilight has an enormous fan base and many are clearly unable to separate “Robsten” from the “Bella and Edward” married couple they play in movies.But this isn’t about the strange fans who post four minute videos crying and screaming about the news or those who dramatically Tweet “#My Whole Life Is ALie”.In fact, sometimes the celebrities will date without true commitment for a relatively long time. They’ve been dating much longer than he was married to Jennifer Aniston.The fake tweet Kanye West sent about dating Kim Kardashian longer than she was married to Kris Humphries was only believed to be sent by him because what was said was true. Even we regular folk are playing marriage despite not being married at all.In my estimation, what makes Kristen’s actions so egregious is not that she was probably bumping uglies with a guy other than the boyfriend she’s been shacking up with, but the fact that the man she was potentially having sex with is with two kids.She released a statement apologizing to Robert, but it’s Liberty Ross, Rupert’s wife, who was the most wronged here.

As one writer succinctly put it “a cheating boyfriend is a cheating fiancé and a cheating fiance is a cheating spouse”.The “No Limit” rapper, who is known for her vivacious personality and sense of humor, made the late-night host burst out into laughter (and even left him speechless at times!) during a five-minute […] A little dabbing in between mise-en-place?What some of us have found out the hard way is dating doesn’t imply any serious commitment whatsoever, neither does sex and neither does sharing an address. Just because a couple is doing all the things that married couples do, they still can’t realistically expect the commitment that being married provides. Though there’s a surplus of conversation about the “main chick” versus “side chick”, both are essentially the “nothing chick” as far as having “nothing” to indicate a promise of fidelity.Does this mean people who call each other boyfriend and girlfriend should demand to be the only one he or she is sexting?

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