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"I've tried local dating sites but nobody wants to live on a farm," he says."I wrote to one lady and said she had nice hair, but she didn't even reply to say thank you." Faced with so many women to choose from at the social, he had no idea where to start. I am not used to being outgoing, or talking to ladies, so I didn't know what to do." Others find it easier: within half an hour, Mohammed from Saudi Arabia has his arms around two women and is throatily growling "Nothing Else Matters" by Metallica on a karaoke system.The socials spawn dozens of dates for the coming week, but there is a recurring complaint among the men.Most have spent between £3,000 and £10,000 chatting to women online prior to the tour, and were looking forward to meeting in person these women with whom they had formed an emotional connection.Some of the Americans wear sharp suits and talk loudly about their property empires; others are from small towns in the Midwest and have acquired passports specially to make the trip.

Chris has been taken for an overpriced meal and thinks he saw the waiter give his date a kickback after he had paid the bill.

He is beginning to wonder whether Ukrainian women might be just as bad as their American counterparts.

"They have vaginas, and vaginas lie," he says, despairingly.

Divorced and disenchanted at 29, Chris has made the journey half way round the world to Ukraine in search of a strange combination of these lost "family values" – and sex.

"A friend came on one of these trips and said it was like Disneyland for anyone with a penis," he says. "We arrive at the nightclub and leave the warm spring sunshine for its dingy interior.

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