Dating scenez

A lot of my friends are dating, but they usually date people here who go to U of I.It's a little hard going long distance, but some couples make it through. You can go to the movies, one of a million restaurants, do something at the Union, or go on a picnic in our Japanese Gardens.And there are definitely places to go on campus for dinner or dessert if you're looking for something cute to do!I think you can always find someone because campus and classes are so large.Well, I am single so I am not the best to answer this question, but one of my roommates has been dating her boyfriend since sophomore year of college.And there are thousands of students on campus with many social opportunities every night of the week so you can meet people everywhere and maybe you will connect with someone.The dating scene, like anywhere, has a huge range of possibilities.

There are plenty of ways to meet all kinds of people through the myriad of social opportunities at Illinois.

You can walk on the beach, or you can pick your way around the lakefill where students have painted hundreds of rocks over the years.

It's very beautiful and Northwestern-specific, and some people have even proposed there.

U.” “People don’t want to be held back” “Everyone’s always looking for the next best thing” *** Judging by the title of this article, I’m sure you’re wondering, “What’s the dating scene like at Harvard?

” To which I would honestly respond, “There’s a dating scene at Harvard?!

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