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Fans have also wondered if her choker-wearing sartorial choices are the artist’s way of teasing her new album’s image.Top it off with squad members hinting at Swift being back in the studio, several breakups to provide fodder for new music, and an alleged music leak from the artist and this theory seems fated to come true.Mother Monster has had nearly every hue on her head, but her cool brown locks of 2012 might be her most surprising 'do to date.In fact it wouldn’t have if his agent had won the discussion as the 31-year-old confessed to Lorraine Kelly that his agent tried to put a stop to the video going ahead. My agent said “I don’t want you to do that” and I said “no Taylor Swift is great, this video is incredible, why wouldn’t I do it? ”‘ He added: ‘I thought it was great, I love her music.’ Lorraine then congratulated him on making it through the video shoot without dating Taylor.

Since that moment, we’ve crowned her America’s sweetheart...while also attempting to uncover her deepest, darkest “secrets.” A deluge of rumors, gossip, and conspiracy theories have linked Swift to everything from Satanic cults to evil twins. In honor of our 10-year Swiftie anniversary, and as buzz swirls that a new album will be out any day now, we’ve compiled some of the most bizarre, startling, and highly amusing conspiracy theories about the pop star.Katy went dark purple in 2012 and looks like the friendliest goth we've ever seen.What might be mundane for other people is shocking coming from the queen of weird hair.Breezy recently went blue, because Smurfs are way more street than we thought.The "Only Girl in the World" ain't never scared when it comes to her hair. Seen here at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards, she opted for an orange-ish hue. The former pink- and blue-haired singer has become synonymous with lollipops and cupcakes, but everyone's allowed their Hot Topic moment.

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