Dating in cyprus larnaca

In 1837, an Autun clergyman began chipping away the plaster over the main portal and was surprised to find the almost perfectly preserved original tympanum underneath.

The Cathedral of St-Lazare has a ground-plan in the form of a Latin cross, with an aisled nave, a plain transept and a three-stage choir with a semicircular end. Walk uphill around to the back for a fine view of the tower and mostly Gothic east end.

Christ's head kept protruding out of the plaster so they hacked it off and cast it aside.

It survived in a local collection before being given to the Musée Rolin in 1895. This saved them from certain destruction a few decades later, when the tomb of Lazarus and the north tympanum (which had not been plastered over) were smashed to bits by revolutionaries.

In 1766, the canons decided the portal sculptures were mediocre and out of date and accordingly covered them with a thick layer of plaster and painted a more contemporary design over it.Above the apostles, an enthroned Virgin Mary extends her hands in blessing while an angel trumpets to waken the dead.On the far left, the Redeemed ascend to heaven by grasping the legs and wings of angels.His traditional tomb (when he died the first time and was raised) can still be visited in Bethany, near Jerusalem. Legend has it that Lazarus and his sister Mary Magdalene sailed to Provence, where Lazarus became the first bishop of Marseilles.He was martyred there and Autun eventually obtained his relics. Another traditional tomb of Lazarus is in Larnaca, Cyprus. Lazarus was built between 11 on a grand scale in the hopes the Autun would become a major pilgrimage destination (and money maker) like nearby Vézelay, where Lazarus' sister Mary was claimed to be.

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