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Small, thick, silver coins known as sceattas were also produced in England, as well as in Germanic continental areas of the North Sea coast, from about 680 to 750, bearing designs which featured a wide range of iconography.

In about 675 the gold shilling was superseded by the silver pening, or penny, amongst the Anglo-Saxons, and this would remain the principal English monetary denomination until the mid-14th century, during the Late Medieval period.

His humility and respect for the senate prevented the political tug of war that had resulted in bloodbaths among previous emperors.

In his oath of office he swore that he would not execute a senator except when the Senate itself ordered it, and only after a fair trial.Early silver pennies were typically decorated with geometric or pictoral designs, occasionally having the name of the moneyer inscribed on them.More rarely, coins produced in the kingdoms of Northumbria and East Anglia bore the names of monarchs.The way Trajan inaugurated the new leader of the Praetorian guard gave some insight into his character.As he presented the traditional sword to the new commander [probably Attius Suburanus], he pronounced "Take this sword, in order that, if I rule well, you may use it for me, but if ill, against me." Trajan then walked back to Rome, in the manner of a private citizen.

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