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My avatar was also a bit of a projection: smaller waist and bigger breasts.

Virtual Life (VL) was created as a natural evolution of the multiplicity of “chat” services available on the web, which itself was an evolution of the bulleting boards and ICQ’s of the time.The parcel-delivery times were always a little thrilling, as often I had to let them in to leave the pieces in Dave’s office.Unbeknownst to the delivery guy (it was always the same courier company), I often had to tare myself away from an on-line VL session to answer the door, had some form of bondage attire (as simple as a tight corset or as stimulating as a pair of tight rubber panties with dildo and butt plug probing my insides) under my housecoat.I took the time to shower and shave all of the hair below my neck.I usually kept the hair on my pussy trimmed short, but decided that a close shave would be more suited to my avatar’s character.

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